When clients reach out to me, they’re usually struggling with projects that just aren’t moving forward.

People tell me things like:

“This project is so important. We know we need to do this … but we’re stuck. We don’t know why this isn’t working.”

It’s a deeply frustrating spot to be in — one that I can personally relate to, after spending a dozen years working inside the non-profit sector and in government, where having a “great vision” and “the best of intentions” doesn’t always lead to a successful project.

As a Project Strategist, I guide people through a model that I call The Six Pillars of Project Success.

It’s a simple way of diagnosing why your project isn’t “working” — as well as laying a strong foundation for future projects, to avoid those pitfalls that come up again and again.

Ultimately, my job is to help you and your team do three things:

: Connect with the “bigger purpose” of your project — why it really needs to get done, and how it will make the world a better place.

: Create a plan that’s sane, humane and doable — with a realistic grasp on your resources.

: Implement that plan, faster — either by having me join your team as a contract worker, or by recommending someone else in my network who can do the job, even better.

My background is in the realm of environmental activism, energy efficiency and community organizing, and I’ve collaborated with groups like Pew Environment, the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (a programme of U.K. Dept. for International Development, and local affiliates of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative. Given my background, I’m especially drawn to projects that make our planet a healthier, safer place to be.

Every project is like a puzzle that I get to help solve, and I’d love to dig into yours.



Training + notable projects:

Master of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech College of Environment and Natural Resources

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science/Pre-law, Michigan State University College of Social Science

Certificate of Completion, Project Planning and Proposal Development, The Grantsmanship Center


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