Who’s That Girl?

As a little kid, I noticed something perplexing – grownups going to work, doing their jobs looking seriously unhappy. My own work experience has confirmed that this ho-hum approach exists even in the fields of public service and environmental preservation, where it’s assumed that professionals feel passionate about their work. Today, as a project strategist and coach that is the exact problem I have devoted my career to solving.

My philosophy is: it’s not enough to get it done – that leads to dissatisfaction and burn-out; we’ve got to take projects to their full potential and be able to take pride in our work.

As a project coach, I’m a little obsessed with helping you (or your team) figure out exactly why your project has gotten stalled, adjust the plan, get it done — and surpass your own expectations, in the process. We can also design a project from the start using my method, which sets you up to succeed and feel proud of your work.

My assistance has helped others make big impacts, including:

  • Helping schools in Michigan clear the air with cleaner school buses
  • Helping to secure the highest level of land preservation for Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore – a place recognized by Good Morning America as the most beautiful place in the country
  • Helping the government of Nigeria work toward its goal of job creation and inclusive growth in order to reduce poverty and increase quality of life in Africa’s most populous nation.

Meet me and stay in-the-know with project design and project fixes at www.iconicstrategy.com.

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